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  • The “Thank You Video” for V-con 2019 that never came to life

07JULThe “Thank You Video” for V-con 2019 that never came to life

In case you've missed it, more than 15 thousand dreamers and networkers came together from different parts of the world to meet us at V-Malaysia 2019. It was a great opportunity for everyone to reconnect and to learn from our founders.

It has always been a tradition to express our gratitude

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As always, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank our members through a fun and heartwarming little video. However, here's a story that never got to see the light of day.

Close to the event day, our hardworking team hustled to create a new video concept that showcases our staff. In the video, we showed off our diverse cast expressing gratitude using placards in different languages. There are members from all corners of the world we'd like to thank, and worked hard to make sure the message gets across as clearly as possible.

Life sometimes won't turnout the way we want it to

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We were bummed to find out that our video was too cool to be displayed on the event itself. However, we still want to make sure we get to infect you with our high energy by bringing the 'Thank You' video back to life. No hard work goes unnoticed here, that's for sure!

Ladies & gentlemen...Ta-da!!

Here's the video we've worked tirelessly on, with hopes that it portrays our appreciation to the faithful members of QVI.
We even came up with our own song for it - which you will soon discover is closely similar to one of Maroon 5's video with Cardi B. Give it a guess! But our version is definitely going to make you go, "Cardi who?"

Lastly, don't forget to stay tuned till the end for a hopeful message from us to you. We also want to apologize in advance if you can't stop humming to our catchy QVI tune, trust us when we say that working on this video means we're constantly humming to it too.

We hope you enjoy an exclusive view of this otherwise unreleased video. If you spot yourself in it by any chance, do give it a like and share!

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