Our story

Proudly introducing our main QVI stars

Their one and only mission is to spread the love of travel all around the world and accompany you throughout your QVI journey with energy and excitement!

PremKing of Webinars & Spice of QVI, you will never miss him at every V-Con. He is simply Tere Dosti!
TarekHe can’t fit in his bed, his head touches the roof, it's our very own QVI tower!
AissatOur Algerian 007, calm on the surface and a hit with the ladies
KseniaFinally a she! The fiery red head with the fiery attitude

We love travel as much as you do!

We know perfectly what makes you happy. Like any ordinary person, you like to snap and share what you eat, what you do and where you go.
That is why by all means, QVI is here to let you show-off to the world and ensure you enjoy a memorable experience, wherever the destination.

How do we achieve that? Simple! By constantly exciting our members with a wide choice of smart travel options for any occasion. Why? Because we believe that travel enriches the lives of millions every day.

And because loving means caring

With staff from across the globe, our vision is to share our multicultural worldview with all our members by creating travel experiences far greater than just the destination itself. We strive to offer genuine richness and depth for exploration.

Our heroes from Customer Care believe that every interaction with a member should be unique, reflecting their desire to make everyone’s experience that much more special. We understand that our customers will always have a choice, and we are dedicated to making that choice QVI.

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