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28MAYWhy Travel to Turkey in 2021?

Editor’s Note: Your safety matters. If you choose to travel, you are strongly encouraged to check for travel restrictions and to find out if there are any special requirements you need to know about before departure.


As a country spanning across both Europe and Asia, Turkey is a good place to experience diverse cultural influences as a traveller or a local. And, with summer upon us, it is time to go out and experience the country’s beautiful landscapes and attractions. So, if you are looking for a sign to get started, look no further because we are going to give you a list of places for curious and adventurous travellers.


1. Fethiye

Source: Chundy Tanz on Unsplash

Fethiye, where the sea meets the land, is laden with sand and seaside resorts. This place is a great getaway for those who love the beach. The Help Beach provides a free shuttle boat service from the Fethiye harbour so you can enjoy a free boat ride if you are so keen. When the temperature hits highs of 27°C in spring, the shores of Fethiye is where you want to be. You will be able to easily find shops and restaurants when you get hungry, and rent parasols and beach chairs for a small fee. If you ever plan to come to Fethiye, remember to put on sunscreen, and check out our available hotels in the area.

2. Ephesus

Source: Bhumil Chheda on Unsplash

Ephesus, a once-great metropolis and one of the largest cities in all of the Roman Empire, lays in ruins after the fall of its ruling state. However, all is not lost as the ruins are still well-preserved and you can gaze at the wonder of Roman architecture. Experience the ancient Romans’ life as you take in the sights of the remaining structures, such as the Temple of Artemisone of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient Worldand the Library of Celsus. Just two miles from Ephesus is the town of Selçuk, where the ancient Roman aqueduct stands.

3. Duden Waterfalls

Source: Orangesmle

The Duden Waterfalls in the province of Antalya are two waterfalls that are fed by a river that runs through the Taurus Mountains. You will find yourself in awe when you discover the spectacular view for the first time. The waterfalls have carved a cave through the cliff it inhabits. Visitors have a chance to wander through the cave to see the waterfall from the inside out.

The waterfalls are just one of the many breathtaking tourism destinations in Antalya. Take this chance to visit our home resort Doğan Hotel, a charming hotel only a few steps away from the tranquil beachfront. From there, you can easily explore the region’s beautiful beaches, prominent mountains, and ancient ruins.

4. Istanbul

Source: The Istanbul Insider

Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, a mixture of new and old. In the Old City of Istanbul, you can find the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and the Topkapi Palace, must-visit locations to check out in the city. After witnessing the old world, it’s time to move on to the present, the New City of Istanbul, where you can head to Beyoglu and Galata for nightlife and entertainment. The Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world, is a must when it comes to shopping in Turkey. Turkish baths are a good way to cool down and experience the local culture at the same time.

So, What’s Next?

You’ve read about the scenes that you can visit, so now why not visit them in person? Experience the glorious remnants of Turkey’s long and illustrious history, and the dazzling sights that will leave you in awe.

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Now that you have got your travel plan ready, it is time to get going!

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