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30SEP‘Til We Meet Again! V-Con 2019’s Magical Moments

12,000 people gathered at Penang’s Setia Spice Arena for the September edition of V-Malaysia 2019. With attendees flying in from all over the world, it was an international party made up of over 34 nationalities (India, Sri Lanka, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tanzania, Sudan, and many other countries)! The vibes at our booth was off the charts as everyone dropped by to connect with our team and add their special touch to our walls.

QVI equals holidays and holidays are usually associated with beaches so our booth’s theme was a no-brainer. The planning that goes into each and every booth set up is incredible and this one was no different. Our replicas of iconic landmarks, sandcastle-style, were a big hit! They made great backdrops for pictures.

This five-day affair, from the 13th until the 17th of September, was extra special as it celebrated QNet’s 21st anniversary. Guests were treated to QVI dry bags (because we’re all about keeping your assets safe) and bamboo straws (because, environment).

Keeping It Fresh

We wanted to freshen things up for 2019. To-date we’ve introduced a new QVI logo and launched our new website - The talk of the year, though, is the reopening of Prana Resort Nandana’s Beachside in Koh Samui. A picture says a thousand words. So, we created a short video instead as we have more than that to say about our most popular Home Resort. This video is so fresh it was made the day before V-Con.

Our team was represented by those who spoke English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Russian, Arabic, Persian, French, and Turkish so that no V-Con guest would feel left out. It gave booth patrons the opportunity to learn more about QVI’s products and put faces to the names of our team members who they might have had contact with prior to V-Con. Some individuals and groups even managed to squeeze in on-site consultations with our team. 

Up Close and Personal

Naturally, we asked our QVI Stars about their experience and they couldn’t stop talking about it! There were so many small memorable moments that it took awhile to get them to focus on one or two things.

Tarek was all smiles as he reminisced, “It was a magical five days for me! What I enjoyed the most is how excited and energetic the IRs were - always so happy, never frustrated. You don’t see this anywhere else. This is what keeps us going and gives us the will to support them at our best, to make them happy.” He was almost gushing as he continued, “I love V-Con, it is amazing. I love the craziness because there are no limits, no control! Just everyone being themselves.” 

Ngawww! If Tarek’s memories were uplifting, then we have no idea how to describe Prem’s: “Everyone was excited. The energy was so crazy and awesome - especially when I sang in Tamil”.

Wait, what?!

Yup, that’s right. Prem sang a Tamil song on stage during his presentation. “It was impromptu. I talked to a lot of leaders and one of them said, ‘Why don’t you use this?’ It was perfect as I was looking for movie dialogue as a way to interact with everyone during my presentation. We already have the cake, all I needed was the icing”. 

To sum up Prem’s further explanation: 

Product (Tripsavr in this case) = Cake

Presentation = Icing 

“The icing is very important,” stressed Prem. “It helps people connect with the product and with you. Of course I translated the lyrics for those who don’t understand Tamil”. Are you wondering how this song related to Prem’s presentation? We were to until he said, "I linked it to Tripsavr!" 

If you want more details on that, you'll have to ask the man yourself when you get the chance. For those of you who are curious about the song that Prem sang, it’s called Ulagam Piranthathu (in English: The World is For Me), a classic Tamil MGR song.

“I love the energy of the network. The support from our QVI team made a big difference as well!” said Prem. “Their creativity and attention to detail, making sure that we had everything we needed, this wouldn’t have been possible without them.''

A Pleasant Surprise

VP Dev added to the icing on Prem’s cake by joining him on stage and sharing his personal experiences with QVI. He was one of the first guests of Prana Resort Nandana’s Beachside after it reopened and he was more than happy to share his experience there. The best part of his spontaneous presentation was his detailed explanation of how he saves everytime by using Tripsavr during his different holidays. It was definitely an honour and a bonus having him up there!

Between Dato Sri’s life changing sessions that make you think and reflect on yourself, Chief’s next-level-energy, Prem’s singing, Tarek’s enthusiasm, the energy of the QVI team, and the craziness of the attendees, it was a V-Malaysia to remember!

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