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21MAY6 Most Talked About Summer Destinations You Can’t Miss This 2024

Updated on 28/05/2024.

Hey there, travellers! Summer is just a whisk away, and it’s time you start stuffing that bucket list. Whether you’re a sun-seeker, a thrill seeker, or a culture lover, we’ve got some incredible summer destinations lined up just for you. So grab your sunglasses and follow our lead!



hottest summer destination

 Image by Onno Kalverda from Pixabay

First up, the ever-glamorous Dubai! This city is a dazzling mix of luxury, adventure, and shopping galore. Picture this: lounging at the VOCO Hotel’s rooftop pool, then hitting the dunes for a heart-pounding desert safari. Skydiving over Palm Jumeirah, anyone? And of course shopping at the massive Dubai Mall. No matter what you’re into, Dubai’s got your back!

off we go-giphy


Koh Samui

Image by Simon Vetterli from Pixabay

Koh Samui is next, and it’s for the nature lovers. Stay at the gorgeous Prana Resort Nandana and get ready for adventure. Explore Ang Thong National Marine Park, snorkel in clear waters, or just chill on the pristine beaches. It’s the perfect mix of excitement and relaxation.

tom and jerry beach


Kuala Lumpur


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Next, we’re off to Kuala Lumpur, the melting pot of culture and flavour! First, seek sanctuary at One@Bukit Ceylon, right at the heart of the city. Snap a selfie at the Petronas Towers, wander through colourful Chinatown, and dive into the street food scene. Satay and Nasi Lemak? Yes, please! And oh, you don’t want to miss the serene Batu Caves for a peaceful retreat.

giphy-kanye and jayz on stage



Summer Destinations Summer-You Can’t Miss This 2024

Image by Sarah Lötscher from Pixabay

Let’s head to Marrakesh, a city bursting with colours and culture. Ever wonder about staying in a traditional riad and waking up to the sound of bustling souks? Oh, that’s the feel here! Take your time to wander through the vibrant markets, get lost in the aromatic spices, and marvel at the stunning palaces. Be sure to relax in a hammam(communal bathhouse) and soak in the rich history of this magical city.

giphy - lets talk about it




Image by Aysegul Aytoren from Pixabay

Bask in the Mediterranean sun on Antalya’s beaches and the traditional ambience of the Ottoman Empire, explore Istanbul’s ancient ruins and palaces, enjoy lively festivals and bustling bazaars, and soar over Cappadocia in a hot air balloon – an absolute no-brainer for the adventure buffs!

adventure all the way



summer in santorini-2024

Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

To all you lovebirds out there, pick up your phones because Santorini is calling! Imagine in whitewashed buildings, epic sunsets and crystal-clear waters. Explore the charming village of Oia, sip romantic wine at a local vineyard and soak in those jaw-dropping views. Perfect for those couples looking to spark some romance.

giphy-funny piggy


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