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24JANWhat you probably DON’T know about Thaipusam Celebration in Malaysia

Believe it or not, one of the more eye-catching religious rituals, especially here in Malaysia, is Thaipusam. And yes, you heard it here first – Malaysia arguably holds the biggest Thaipusam celebration, period!

While it has been the go-to celebration for as long as we’ve been rocking calendars, there are some fascinating facts bombs you probably don’t know when it comes to the Thaipusam celebration in Malaysia…

meme-thaipusam celebration in Malaysia

“Really, bro?” you say?

Well, you might need to buckle up for these facts bombs because when they drop, two out of two things would potentially happen; one – become a star of your next trivia night and two – book a fine ticket to Malaysia for the next Thaipusam bash.


Did You Know?

Thaipusam isn’t just a random word – it is a combo of “Thai” (the 10th month in the Tamil calendar) and “Pusam” (when the star is throwing some serious shade), Boom! Thaipusam came into existence. Thaipusam goes down on the 10th month of the Tamil Almanac, a.k.a when the moon and the star are having a cosmic rendezvous!

Okaaay, we get it! You probably knew this before now – but still, wait for it…

what you don't know about thaipusam



Now, What You Probably Don’t Know

Almost a century and a half old in Malaysia: Guess what? Thaipusam only got here in the 1800s, when Indian immigrants started working in Malaysian rubber estates and government offices. The first celebration was in 1888, at Batu Caves and since then, the festival has flourished in Malaysia. It’s like Thaipusam made itself at home and decided to throw an even bigger party than anyone expected. Huh, show-off!

know about thaipusam


Moonlit Magic: Thaipusam celebrations often include nighttime processions, where devotees carry vibrant kavadis through the streets lightened by the moon. It’s a unique spectacle, like a party under the stars, but with more glitter!


Next Level Chariot: Malaysia doesn’t mess around with your average parade. Nope, they roll out the big guns – ornate chariots that put even the fanciest floats to shame. These chariots are decked out like they are hitting the red carpet, carrying idols through the streets in a spectacle that even a Bollywood set couldn’t rival.

Total Devotion: As for the wrap, the devotees prepare for this occasion way in advance (48 days prep before the festival hits), known as one mandala. It’s a cleanse of body and mind! Devotees embark on a regime of fasting, coldwater baths, no smoking or drinking, floor-sleeping, and, for the gents, a break from shaving. Oh, and did we mention constant prayers, chants, hymns, and a spiritual rendezvous with Lord Murugan? Now that’s dedication!


Ready to spice up your Thaipusam wishes with a Malaysian twist?

By now, Malaysia should be your next travel utopia, where Thaipusam is more than a festival; it’s a spectacle of lights, flavours, and culture. Words won’t cut it bro – you need to package yourself down here to soak it all in!


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So, here’s to Happy Thaipusam, with a Malaysian twist! May your celebrations be as bold as the chariots and your travels as spicy as Malaysian feast. Happy exploring, from QVI!


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