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26SEP5 Unique Places for a Family Getaway in Limpopo, South Africa

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What if we tell you that the province of Limpopo has more to offer than its massive rivers, splashing hippos, and immersing culture – would you believe it? We thought as much but worry not! We are here to further widen your horizon on Limpopo.

The province of Limpopo is the northernmost province of South Africa. It is named after the great Limpopo River and shares borders with Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, making it an excellent doorway to Mother Africa. Many visitors often overlook Limpopo for other exciting South African provinces like the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal. Limpopo, however, is a land rich in myths and legends, ancient cultures, hot mineral springs, sparkling trout waters, and waterfalls, which are rarely known.

Many visitors are likely to spend a portion of their time exploring South Africa in the province of Limpopo. This is because it’s home to one of Africa’s largest wildlife reserves, the Kruger National Park. Therefore, to help you prepare for your visit to the region, here is a list of 5 unique places in Limpopo that will surely feed your gaze with amusements.


The Venda Art Route (Venda Bender)

Venda Art Route

The Venda Art Route is a cultural tour that takes visitors through the centre of Venda’s historic district. The Venda people are widely known for their artistic abilities and exquisite arts and crafts. You can stop along the route to see the artists’ workshops and talk to them about the tales and legends that inspire their work. If you enjoy stories that send chills down the spine, then the Lake Fundudzi & Thathe Vondo Forest are a must-visit. With educational and engaging guided tours, you can learn about the tales of a village of cursed people at the bottom of the lake and many other myths and legends surrounding Thathe Vondo Forest. In addition, you can also take a detour to the Cave of Hearths, which has rock art and a human mandible that bears witness to our earliest ancestors.


The Baobabs in Soutpansberg

A Baobab Tree
Source: Cameron Spencer on Getty Images

Baobab trees, commonly known as “trees of life,” are majestic trees that hold a special place in Africa. They grow primarily in the hot, semi-arid areas north of Soutpansberg Vhembe, which adds to the beauty of visiting the region. For many travellers, they stand out because they appear to be upside-down in the earth, with their roots reaching for the sky. Baobabs are among the most beneficial plants to both animals and humans. Animals such as elephants and baboons rely on its fruit for food and moisture. The Baobab trees are also said to reserve water to benefit the rural community during the dry season. Most of the baobabs in the region are around 400 years old, and they have one of the highest lifespans of any African tree. It’s no surprise that the entire area is part of the UNESCO Vhembe Biosphere Reserve and is home to mystery, beauty, and several wildlife reserves. About time you take a baobab trip, don’t you think?


The Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

family vacation in Limpopo

Source: African Conservation Experience

This one is mostly for wildlife enthusiasts. Moholoholo is a world-renowned wildlife rehabilitation centre that houses a variety of injured, poisoned, or abandoned wildlife and birds. It aims to rehabilitate struggling animals all around South Africa before releasing them back into the wild where they belong. Moholoholo strives to provide an atmosphere that promotes education, understanding, and awareness, teaching visitors about the importance of wildlife conservation and protection. Visitors could see animals such as Lynx, Rhino, Serval and Honey Badger, Leopard, Wild Dog, and several birds like Vultures and Eagles. The centre offers two tours per day, lasting 2 to 2.5 hours from Monday to Sunday. You might even be lucky enough to pet a cheetah or feed an eagle throughout the tour. There’s also a great photo opportunity with a beautiful and friendly baby rhino. Visiting this unique place is a must while exploring Limpopo.


Bela Bela

bela bela family vacation

Source: Forever Warmbaths

Bela Bela, previously known as Warmbaths, is a region famous for its natural hot spring resorts. It lies between Pretoria and Polokwane on the N1 highway. Relaxing in Bela Bela’s steaming mineral water is not only beneficial for your skin but also for your psyche. So, if you’re seeking a fun-filled and healthy family vacation, Bela Bela is the place to be. You can relax and revitalise in its steaming mineral water or play a round of golf on one of its internationally acclaimed Signature Golf Courses. In addition, you may take a hot air balloon ride or participate in one of the many activities available, including pools, river rides, a wave pool, and cable skiing.


Ancient Mountains Of Waterberg

mountains of waterberg
Source: Peter Chadwick on Getty Images

Waterberg is one of the five districts of the Limpopo province. The Waterberg is one of South Africa’s oldest mountain ranges, and it was the country’s first biosphere to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Waterberg Biosphere is home to a wide range of bird species, extensive wildlife and even bigger trees. There is also a lot of history here, with some of the sites dating back to prehistoric times. There are plenty of caves to explore for those who enjoy spelunking but make sure you do so with a guide rather than alone. The Waterberg Nature Park is the finest spot to stay when visiting the area. It’s close enough to the city to be worthwhile for a weekend getaway, plus it’s malaria-free. Keep a watch out for your new natural neighbours, including zebra, giraffe, and ten kinds of antelope, not to mention a wide variety of small wildlife on 450 magnificent hectares of the bushveld.



There are many other places in Limpopo where visitors can fully engage with nature. While also there, you can tap into other outdoor activities such as horseback safari, skydiving, white lion encounters, and much more. Those looking for history will encounter various archaeological sites that have revealed artefacts stretching back millions of years. Moreover, visiting the Limpopo province allows travellers to take day trips to neighbouring nations, enhancing their travel experience tenfold. Do we hear you say – Limpopo, here we come? Awesome! Try QVI Vacay for amazing offers and start planning your trip right away!

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