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23DECHoliday Gift Guide 2022: The Best Travel Gifts for This Holiday Season

Yoo-uh, It’s another holiday season! A period of the year when you share love, compassion, and gifts with your loved ones. Do you have a frequent traveller or adventurer in your life? If yes, what have you gifted them during the holiday season? 

Holiday seasons can be stressful, especially when finding the perfect gift for a frequent traveller. Travellers who travel frequently require the proper kit to make their trips more efficient, comfortable and fun. You can get them something equally useful, such as a Bluetooth headphone adaptor to make long flights seem shorter or a translation tool to avoid linguistic hiccups on the ground. And if you are looking to stretch your money that far, you can buy them a holiday package to lovely places on platforms like QVI.

To make this holiday season even brighter, we have put together a list of top-rated travel gifts. Whether you’re looking to surprise a frequent traveller, a budget backpacker, or a luxury hotel lover, there is a gift on this list to meet their needs.  So, let’s dive right in and get rolling!


Packing Cube

packing cubes - best travel gift

Source: CNN Underscored

Packing cubes are one of the essential gears of a frequent traveller. They come in different sizes and are designed to fit distinct clothing, footwear and accessories. They are the finest way to keep luggage tidy and weigh almost nothing. With Packing Cubes, your lucky frequent traveller can rest assured that their shirts and pants will remain less cluttered and wrinkle-free.


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Neck Pillow

neck pillow - best travel gift

Source: Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

Neck pillows make excellent presents for frequent travellers because they help them sleep comfortably, especially on flights. Scientifically, Neck Pillows are proven to support travellers’ necks and aid sleep during long flights. Many Neck Pillows are made from a high-density memory foam material with a silky-soft jersey-like fabric that carefully places the neck to keep the head from moving. If you want your frequent traveller to have a comfy long-haul flight, get one of these and thank us later.


Sleep Mask

face mask - best travel gift

Source: SolStock on istockphoto

Not everyone is talented enough to catch some sleep while hurtling through the clouds or during a staycation. To make matters worse, your flight neighbour may even refuse to turn off the overhead light during a red-eye flight – which is why a Sleep Mask is necessary. They deliver total darkness, which is ideal for travellers who would love to have a pleasant sleep on a plane or in the backseat of a car during a road trip.


Travel Backpack 

two backpacks on a grass

Source: S&B Vonlanthen on Unsplash

With backpacks, travellers have the best bet of keeping their belongings safe and tidy. You will want to get your lucky globetrotter a backpack that has a highly convenient top, side, front, and rear access, as well as several pockets for gadgets and other travel necessities. Gift your frequent traveller the true feeling of being more adventurous.


Pocket Camera

pocket camera - best travel gift

Source: Jason Goodman on Unsplash

Making memories while on vacation is always at the top of every traveller’s list. Having a camera does help cherish those memories for years to come, especially when visiting places they haven’t visited before. Getting your frequent traveller a pocket camera is another way of making their travels more exotic.


Travel Hammock

travel hammock

Source: Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

With a strong but lightweight travel Hammock, your frequent traveller will always have a place to nap. A hammock is an excellent gift for hikers and backpackers. They can set it up in the woods or beachfront to unwind and soak in the scenery. In addition, hammocks can be used as a cosy swinging seat after a strenuous climb or for beachside naps between palm trees. Nothing is more soothing than lounging in your hammock in midair while admiring the stunning sky and the vast outdoors.


Rechargeable Toothbrush

rechargeable toothbrush

Source: Goby on Unsplash

Travel shouldn’t be an excuse to neglect oral hygiene. You could help your favourite globetrotter to switch from manual brushes to electrical ones – especially ultra-sonic ones. Not only is gifting them a rechargeable toothbrush super cool, but it also goes a long way in improving their oral hygiene by decreasing plaques and gingivitis.


Amazon Kindle Oasis

amazon kindle oasis

Source: James Tarbotton on Unsplash

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis needs no introduction when it comes to an ideal gift for a travelling bookworm. It features warm lighting and page-turning technology, making digital reading feel like reading a physical book. It can also resist accidental falls into a muddy pond or pool, making it suitable for adventurers and beach enthusiasts.


Wireless and Noise-Cancellation Headphone

wireless headphone

Source: Henry Be on Unsplash

Wireless and noise-cancellation headphones are frequent travellers’ best buddies. Through Bluetooth, they can wirelessly listen to their favourite music or podcasts with rich bass and clear high notes. With the touch of a finger, they can also adjust the volume, ask Siri questions, or answer phone calls. Get your lucky frequent traveller a cutting-edge pair of noise-cancelling headphones to make them feel like they are travelling solo.


Holiday Package

travel map

Source: freepik

A holiday package is one of the best gifts you can get a frequent traveller during the holiday season. There are many holiday packages you can opt for, such as QVI’s holiday packages, which are flexible and provide numerous travel benefits. One of these holiday packages is QVI Breaks – It is for those travellers who prefer shorter getaways with the flexible option of splitting their stays. Another is the QVI Club, which allows members to access more than 1000 hotels and resorts worldwide and lock in today’s pricing. QVI Tripsavr, on the other hand, provides excellent savings on hotel reservations, car rentals, and activities. And if you want to help them take their travel experience to the next level, QVI Vacay is your best bet! They get benefits like redeemable nights, VIP discounts, coupons, and a year-end reward. You can send your sign-up request to or call +60386053383 to get started.



There you go with the best travel gifts of 2022. Enjoy travel shopping for this holiday season, and don’t forget to take yourself out there to explore the world – consider it a little present for yourself. Happy holidays from QVI! We hope you find a unique gift for the favourite traveller in your life.

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