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28ФевShare & Win Video Contest 2020

We love it when you share your adventures with us! We’ve been receiving so many pictures and videos that this year we have decided to choose ONE lucky winner each month from our pool of shares.

The prize? USD 100 worth of Travel Credits or accommodation. All you have to do is share a video of your stay using any of our QVI products.


  1. Follow QVI Official on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  2. Upload the video to your page and make sure that your profile is public for the duration of the contest.
  3. Hashtag #QVI and #QVI2020

Terms & Conditions:
1. Video quality to be similar to or better than the video shown in the link below.
2. Videos of stays at Prana Resort Nandana will not be considered/accepted.
3. Videos of stays using only QVI products (Tripsavr, Club, Breaks) are accepted.
4. If winner does not have a Tripsavr account for the Travel Credits to be credited into, they will be awarded USD 100 worth of accommodation


It’s that simple! Check out the video below for some inspiration. was the fist video to win the contest 😉[0]=68.ARAQOTKD1Sw0KPGSOy8rYA1u96j6ZXrywiZYjN56rFAVb0x-iZ-uBBrny4GWMe1jHMdXrZst_mlqDvjWpMY7uk1R9rRb9CsvlOIDJZPOLlJTvHCYgzfjP1J391SvmqaAtbjcwT7NLdNV8xrPTYe1qRhVMHwL4xVF0Dx7_vJ-jVNUS5etYPg7ebIPwVrPSqv-8ZZa1ENts8i3Yo0xfP9pMHmbFN38a_8nqpaqReHXN4fX2nCenlUreNJ-vjuMT14g-fOKkvxDvW5O44xNBDcDnNotsqgVksiLHCD3Jr8Sae7pqikzxBLENEOUgJydJRwtuFWXRe_6P4lbxnaHeJWEY8V0C686pNGG&__tn__=-R

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