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04APROff-the-Beaten-Path Destinations You Need to Explore Right Away

Many people tend to swarm to popular destinations when it comes to travel. Sure, they might be exciting, but they can also be pretty crowded, expensive and unauthentic. If you’re looking for something new and exciting – possibly inexpensive, consider some off-the-beaten-path destinations. These undiscovered gems frequently provide access to lesser-known cultures, breathtaking natural beauty, and adventure options that aren’t available in more well-known tourist destinations. Here are some top off-the-beaten-path destinations to consider for your next adventure.


Haida Gwaii, Canada

Hiking visitors in the mossy forest past massive trees on Louise Island, part of Haida Gwaii

Source: milehightraveler on istockphoto

Haida Gwaii is a remote archipelago off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. It’s an amazing spot to explore the ancient Haida culture, with totem poles, traditional longhouses and museums dedicated to preserving this unique heritage. You can also take in the stunning natural beauty, with old-growth forests to hike through, tranquil waters to kayak across, and even the chance to spot rare wildlife like humpback whales and bald eagles.

Best Time to Visit: June through August if you like hiking, water sports, fishing and festivals. However, if you are a surfing enthusiast, then you should visit from October to May.


Socotra, Yemen

socotra, one of the off-the-beaten-path destinations
The white sand of Detwah beach, located on the west shore of island Socotra, Yemen.

Source: DavorLovincic on istockphoto

Socotra is an island off the coast of Yemen in the Arabian Sea, and it’s an excellent spot for adventurers. It’s a remote and isolated place with unique flora and fauna you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, you can explore the strange and alien-like landscape, including dragon’s blood trees, white sandy beaches, and towering limestone cliffs. If you’re into outdoor activities, Socotra is perfect for you – there are mountains to hike, fishing spots, and crystal-clear waters for scuba diving.

Best Time to Visit: February to April are excellent as the weather is dry, relatively calm and lushly green, perfect for water activities and trekking. October & November are also great, especially for hiking and mountain activities, as the valleys fill with clean, fresh water, and the landscape is lush.


Siwa Oasis, Egypt

siwa oasis
View of the Shali Fortress in Siwa Oasis in Egypt, located between the Qattara depression and the Egyptian Sand Sea in the Libyan Desert.

Source: NickolayV on istockphoto

In the middle of the Sahara desert lies Siwa Oasis, a 10th-century BC settlement with a unique culture and architecture unlike any other in Egypt. It is one of Egypt’s most isolated desert oases with a quiet and serene atmosphere. Visitors come here to explore its springs, palm groves and orchards and even take a dip in the tranquil waters. Siwa is also famous for its cultural attractions, like the Temple of the Oracle, which was a popular pilgrimage spot for ancient Egyptians.

Best Time to Visit: It’s best to visit Siwa in the cooler months, October to April, as the summer temperature can be scorching and unbearable.


Isle of Skye, Scotland

Portree , Isle of Skye, Scotland
view on Portree before sunset, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Source: zhuzhu on istockphoto

Scotland is no stranger to tourists, but if you’re looking for a more secluded and authentic experience, the Isle of Skye is the place to go. This amazing island, off Scotland’s west coast, is known for its breathtaking landscapes and ancient history. You can explore the many castles, ruins and archaeological sites, as well as go on hikes through the rugged terrain and take in the incredible views of the sea.

Best Time to Visit: May and June are the best time to visit the Isle of Skye. July and August are slightly warmer but are much more crowded.


Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard, Norway
One of the northernmost cities in the world. Svalbard, Norway.

Source: Adrian Wojcik on istockphoto

Svalbard is a remote group of islands between Norway and the North Pole, and it’s a winter wonderland. Polar bears, reindeer, and arctic foxes all live there, and you can explore the landscape on dog sledges, snowmobiles, or just your own two feet. You can also get a glimpse of the northern lights in the colder months. It’s gorgeous!

Best Time to Visit: May to September are the warmest months to visit Svalbard for skiing, dog sledging, hiking and snowmobiles. You can only see the Northern Lights between late October and early February, and the best time of night to see them is 8:00 pm to 2:00 am.


Zhangjiajie, China

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Baofeng Lake Boat Trip at Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Hunan Province, China, Asia

Source: R Scapinello on istockphoto

Zhangjiajie National Park in the Hunan province of China is an absolute must-see! It’s famous for its towering sandstone pillars and super scenic views – they inspired the floating mountains in the movie “Avatar”! You can go hiking on the trails and explore the waterfalls, caves, and temples you’ll find on the way.

Best Time to Visit: From April to May and September to October for comfortable weather, beautiful scenery, and relatively fewer people.


Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum, Jordan
View through a rock arch in the Desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan, Middle East

Source: PB57photos on istockphoto

Wadi Rum in Jordan is a stunning desert valley, home to incredible ancient history and awe-inspiring rock formations. If you’re looking for a unique experience, check out the camel and jeep safaris that take you through the area. It’s also famous for its connection to T. E. Lawrence, known as “Lawrence of Arabia”. You can visit Lawrence’s Spring, where he bathed himself while there, and explore other historical sites related to his life.

Best Time to Visit: Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit Wadi Rum. April / May and October / November are much more pleasant for hiking and cycling but be ready for more crowds.


Atacama Desert, Chile

Atacama desert
Tourists walking in the Chilean high plateau, Atacama desert

Source: IHervas on istockphoto

The Atacama Desert is one of the driest spots on Earth! It’s full of beautiful natural wonders and unique cultural experiences. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can explore the mystical landscape on foot or bike and take in the amazing views of the mountains and valleys. Plus, you can learn about the ancient cultures that have been living in the region for thousands of years.

Best Time to Visit: November through March are considered the best months to visit the Atacama Desert, especially for sunbathing.


The Faroe Islands, Denmark

Village of Mikladalur
The village of Mikladalur, located on the island of Kalsoy, Faroe Islands, Denmark

Source: miroslav_1 on istockphoto

The Faroe Islands are a cluster of 18 small islands in the North Atlantic between Norway and Iceland. Its rugged landscape, gorgeous scenery and distinct culture make it the perfect place to explore by foot or boat. You can take in the grandeur of the sea and mountains and sample the local cuisine of fresh seafood and lamb.

Best Time to Visit: Summer months between May and August.



Exploring places not usually visited by tourists can be incredibly rewarding. You get to take in amazing sights, experience different cultures and have opportunities for awesome adventures that you won’t find in popular tourist spots. Now that you’ve understood the assignment, are you ready to kick-start your journey? Start exploring new horizons here with QVI – lots of travel benefits await! Take the first step by sending your sign-up request to or reach us at +60386053383.

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