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Giving Back to Society with A Fun Movie Outing

Posted on 3 Sep 2019


Ask most kids and they will jump at the chance for a trip to the movies. What better way to spend the weekend, right? So, when Aladdin premiered in cinemas, we invited 40 children from disadvantaged backgrounds to watch the classic tale we all grew up loving. It was our way of giving back to society.

The day finally arrived and it was an exciting one for our QVI team! We connected with the bright-eyed kids from the Jiran Ria Centre in Puchong. Their smiles and laughter were an inspiring sight and a gentle reminder to our team to not take everyday pleasures for granted.

The kids were buzzing from all the pent-up excitement. Their positive energy rubbed off on the 40 Qi Group volunteers. As expected, the live action remake of Aladdin was a visual treat for both - the younger generation, and the adults who grew up watching the original cartoon.

The children were well-behaved throughout the movie - saving their cheers and applause for the end of the movie. It was a great way to end the spectacular show. We treated the kids (post-movie) to a vegetarian Happy Meal at McDonald’s...with ice cream, of course!

But that wasn’t the end of our little outing. The kids got a little taste of their own adventure before we left. They got a chance to take part in a treasure hunt inside the mall - a scavenger hunt within the vicinity for special treats and gifts that were hidden by Qi's Staff Social Responsibility (SSR) team.

After many hours of fun, it was time to say goodbye. Both parties, the kids and our team, were hesitant to leave. Despite our heavy hearts, we sent them off with our best wishes after capturing some memories of our short but sweet time together.


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