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08НояAlmaty: Top Things You Must Do When You Visit

Almaty: Kazakhstan’s biggest city

Kok-Tobe Hill. Image by Flickr user Irene2005

Known as the former capital and the ‘City of Apple Trees’, this is certainly a hidden gem that not many would think to visit, but will love upon landing. 

Located in Central Asia, visitors have raved of its Asian charm and European comfort. This vibrant city is also the country’s main transport hub, which means navigation is easy even for first-timers and solo travellers. 

Here are some activities worth exploring to make your Almaty trip an unforgettable one!

Get into Kazakh history, culture, and art

Central State Museum. Image by Flickr user maureen_barlin

There’s no better place to learn about the country other than Almaty. As the country’s cultural hub, it’s a definite must to check out the local museums to know more about its rich history. Be a part of the art and music scene while you’re at it! These activities will fill up your itinerary for sure.

Check out: Kasteyev State Museum of Art, Central State Museum, Abay Opera House

Go sightseeing and marvel at the beauty of Almaty

Kolsay Lake. Image by Flickr user torekhan

One thing’s for sure is that there’s a lot of natural beauty to look at when at Almaty. For a good overall view, take the cable car to Kok-Tobe Hill. But if you’re up for some adventure, then the Kolsai lake is the place to be for an unbeatable view of mountains and clear waters. 

Check out: Kok-Tobe Hill and Kolsai 

Visit landmarks and attractions for the perfect Instagram picture 

Ascension Cathedral. Image by Flickr user torekhan

The colourful Russian Orthodox Ascension Cathedral is an iconic landmark of Almaty that’s compulsory for all visitors to see, while around the cathedral is Panfilov Park – perfect for a nice stroll with picturesque vibes. Another park also worth visiting is the First President Park, so gorgeous and romantic that people have weddings there! 

Check out: Ascension Cathedral, Panfilov Park, and First President Park. 

Pamper yourself with what Almaty has to offer 

Dostyk Plaza. Image by Uderbay

Unique to Kazakhstan and Soviet history – where spa and wellness is a common interest – the Arasan Baths is a sweet spot to drop by for a relaxing time. Other then this gorgeous spa, the modern city of Almaty also offers splendid shopping experiences in one of the many malls.

Check out: Arasan Baths, Dostyk Plaza, and Villa Boutiques and Restaurants

Participate in activities that are exclusive to Almaty

Medeu. Image by Flickr user torekhan

If you happen to be in the city during colder seasons, then an ice skating session at the famous Medeu is a must! Skate around nature and be enthralled by icy wonder all around you. Nearby is Shymbulak, a ski resort that’s beautiful no matter the season. Come for fresh air and a magnificent view! 

Check out: Medeu and Shymbulak 

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