Holiday in the Future, at Today's Prices

If you are a holiday freak, then you are on the right way to discover the world. Look at the long term value that QVI Club can offer you:

  •  Book your holidays for up to 30 years.
  •  Our exclusive membership will open the doors for you to over 1000 Hotels & Resorts worldwide. Pick from our amazing Home or Limited Collection resorts and you will not be charged any booking fee whatsover!
  •  Choose from a variety of membership options and start planning ahead for relaxing in style.
  •  QVI Club is the only membership that can be shared among your family and friends.

How to book a holiday with QVI Club?

  • Step 1
    Pick the destination or resort you would like to visit (Tip: always plan your vacation at least 3 weeks in advance to guarantee your room availability).  
  • Step 2
    Submit your booking request online or contact us at for assistance  
  • Step 3
    Your request will be processed within 48 hours (upon payment of fees)
  • Step 4
    Enjoy your vacation. The key is to create unforgettable memories with QVI Club!

A membership to suit every lifestyle

Your gateway to more than 1,000 resorts worldwide for you and your loved one.

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30 years
15 weeks of holidays*

Total of 105 nights

10 years
5 + 1 floating week of holidays*

Total of 42 nights

5 years
3 weeks of holidays*

Total of 21 nights

*Club memberships entitle you to travel a week every alternate year. Find out more in the Club FAQs
  • Usage Fee
    A fee payable by the member in order to activate one week of entitlement for future usage.

  • Club Booking Fee

    Applicable for all listed properties except for Home Resorts and Limited Collection.

    In particular cases such as (but not limited to) non-availability during specified travel dates, peak season, upgrades to higher unit categories etc, you may be required to pay a "Premium Xchange fee" to ensure that your travel plans never get disrupted. This fee is only applicable if you choose to proceed with the booking from an off-line service provider.

  • Split Week Booking Fee
    Applicable per unit per split for all listed properties except for Home Resorts and Limited Collection. Split Week refers to the option where a member chooses to split his/her entitlement into 2 separate bookings.

  • Guest Certificate Fee
    Applicable only if the member chooses to gift his entitlement to another person. Guest Certificate Fee will be waived for the below category of travellers: parents, spouse and kids above 18 years, upon submission of supporting documents.

  • Membership Card Replacement Fee
    A fee charged to replace the membership card if the original is misplaced by the member.

  • Transfer of Ownership Fee
    This fee applies if a Club member wishes to transfer his membership to another individual.

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Top destinations

  • Goa

  • Dubai

  • Istanbul

  • Bali

  • Hammamet

  • Sochi

Still have questions about QVI Club?

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Why do I have to plan my vacation 45 days in advance?

We cannot control nor guarantee availability of inventory with our Partners, so we recommend that you book at least 45 days in advance, or even earlier if possible, to ensure a higher chance of securing your preferred dates.

The Usage Fee is charged per week per unit and must be paid by 31st December of each entitled year. If Usage Fee is not paid by the stipulated deadline, your week entitlement will be forfeited.

QVI Club offers only accomodation and does not provide other travel services or meals.

QVI Club receives a limited allocation of rooms from hotels, which reserve most of their inventory for the general public, travel agencies and corporate companies. There are times that our allocation becomes fully booked during a specific period, while the hotel may still have availability.

You can travel up to 2 weeks at a time with your Bronze, Silver or Gold club membership.

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