What is a QVI Club membership?

Our membership club gives you access to our Home Resorts and partner facilities from across the world to enjoy a week of holidays every alternate year. Choose from Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships, which are valid for up to 5, 10 or 30 years respectively.

What are QVI Home Resorts?

The Home resorts are properties that are partially or fully owned by QVI.
We are happy to welcome you at:

  • Prana Resort Nandana - Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Doğan Hotel - Antalya, Turkey
  • One @Bukit Ceylon - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Patong Tower Condominium - Phuket, Thailand

Once I become a QVI Club member, when can I start using my entitlement?

You can immediately start using your Club membership upon purchase.

What if I do not use my entitlement for the year?

In case you are not able to use your week entitlement for the year, you can still save it for up to 2 years, provided that the usage fee is paid by 31st December of the same year.

How many weeks of my entitlement can I enjoy at a time?

You can travel up to 2 weeks at a time with your Bronze, Silver or Gold club membership.

What is a Split Week?

This option allows you to break a week of entitlement into more than one vacation period. For example: you may split your week of holiday into two separate visits to a resort; spanning 3 nights and 4 nights respectively.

What is Usage Fee?

A fee payable by the member in order to activate one week of entitlement for future usage.

When do I need to pay the Usage Fee?

  • Usage Fee is applicable when you wish to confirm a booking
  • If you wish to save your year’s entitlement, make sure to pay the Usage Fee by 31st December of that year.
  • To avoid forfeiture of your entitlement, be sure to use it within its validity period.

If I am unable to travel during a year, do I still have to pay the Usage Fee?

If you have no intention to travel, you are not required to pay the Usage Fee. However, the entitlement for that particular year will be forfeited.

What is a Premium Booking Fee (formerly known as Premium Exchange Fee)?

A Premium Booking Fee may be required in particular cases such as (but not limited to) booking requests for specific travel dates/destinations, peak season travel periods, room/unit upgrade requests etc. This fee is only applicable should the member choose to proceed with the booking.

How do I make a booking as a QVI Club member?

To make a booking, you can either call our Customer Care at +603 7949 8288 (International Line), email us on customercare@qviclub.com or submit a booking form online.
Make sure to provide the following information:

  • Your full name and IR ID
  • Your Preferred travel dates
  • Your Choice of resorts (we advise you to pick at least 3 choices in case of non-availability on your chosen dates)
  • Your payment details (if applicable)

Does QVI apply for travel visas on our behalf?

No. QVI members are responsible for obtaining all required travel documents, including visas.

Why do I have to plan my vacation 45 days in advance?

For a higher chance of securing room availability, we recommend that you submit your booking request at least 45 days in advance.

What is the maximum occupancy in a room?

Most properties offer standard units that accommodate 2 persons.

Can I bring along guests for my vacation?

You certainly can, as long as your group does not exceed the property's maximum limit per unit.
Please note that the maximum occupancy for QVI Home Resorts is 4 persons.

Are pets allowed?

Sorry, you are not allowed to bring any Pets.

Can I cancel my reservation?

It's okay to change your plans! However, please refer to the cancellation policy of your chosen resort to find out there will be any cancellation charges involved.

What is a Guest Certificate?

Guest Certificate allows you to share your entitlement with your friends or family.
It costs USD50 only. However, the Guest Certificate Fee is waived for the below category of travellers: parents, spouse and kids above 18 years, upon submission of supporting documents.

How do I transfer my QVI Club membership rights to someone else?

If you wish to transfer your membership to another person, then you must obtain written consent from QVI. Please note that any outstanding payments must be settled by the transferring member. A fee of USD150 will apply to complete the transfer of ownership.

Need help?

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